Our Available German Shorthaired Pointers

For more information about any of our dogs call Kris at (719) 429-1435 or email her at kris@rockymtngsp.org.

Such a sweet girl!

Jenn Needs Help


Jenn needs to be spayed. Not only is she an older girl and needs pre-anesthetic bloodwork to check for liver and kidney function, but she also needs some, if not all, of her mammary glands removed. She has hard lumps in some of her mammary glands and we are very worried that she may have breast cancer. The major cost of this procedure is not just the actual surgery, but the cost to have each gland tested in a laboratory for any signs of cancer. Another huge cost of this procedure is the chest x-rays before the surgery. The x-ray is going to see if there is any metastasis that has affected the lungs if these tumors happen to be cancerous. A needle aspirate was already preformed. This is where the Veterinarian inserts a small needle into one of the tumors and extracts out cells. It came back inconclusive. Jenn has been a breeding dog for an unknown amount of time. She is sweet and adores people. She gets along great with all dogs. She deserves help! As many of you know, our rescue runs off of donations and adoption fees. The amount that we need to help Jenn ranges from $1500 at the low end and $2000 on the high end. This depends on how many mammary glands need to be removed. The reason for the difference is based on what the Veterinarian feels needs to be sent off for histopathology to determine if Jenn has breast cancer. I would be willing to contact and get estimates from the low cost, rescue friendly veterinary clinics in Denver if someone is willing to do a medical foster after the surgery and help her heal. This is going to be a major surgery and she is an old girl. She needs a soft bed with peace and quiet, not a kennel with other dogs barking. Even keeping her in my home would be stressful for her with the younger dogs bouncing around. If you have any questions or concerns, or are willing to foster Jenn, please contact me right away!


Charlie is a sweet, but pretty shy girl. Charlie was picked up with her mother at the Colorado-Kansas boarder as an owner surrender. Charlie has never been away from her mother and is very wary of new adventures. Charlie does have an injury to her left eye. It is white and there is very little vision left. The eye is NOT painful, the white is scar tissue. Charlie is healthy otherwise. She is current on vaccines but still needs to be spayed. Charlie has been around older kids, and was fine around them. No cats, no exceptions. Adoption Fee: $300


Greta is a goofy 5 year old female that came to us from Grand Junction. Greta is just a happy-go-lucky gal who is looking for her new fur-ever home. Greta is great with other dogs and enjoys the company of people. She can be a bit skiddish at times, but quickly gets over it and warms up quickly. Greta is up to date on vaccines but still needs to be spayed. Adoption fee: $300


Suess is an approximately 6-8 year old male GSP. Suess is an owner surrender and came to us from Hutchinson, KS. This big boy LOVES people - all people! He can't get enough of people time and prefers that over the companionship of another dog. Suess likes to play fetch and will do so as long as you keep tossing him the ball to fetch. He came to us from the shelter with a supply of tennis balls. He is crate trained and probably housetrained. Suess walks on leash pretty well and seems to be a nice dog in all he does. He has scarring on/around his head. No idea what happened. Fully vetted and ready to find a new home. So come on down and meet Suess today! ADOPTION FEE: $300


Duke is an amazing, wonderful and great guy! He is about 3 years old and so far is pretty perfect. Duke gets along with all other dogs and people. Duke came in as a stray from Kansas. He is neutered and up to date on vaccines. Duke would make a great companion for anyone who is looking for a great addition to their family! Adoption fee: $300


Olive is a bold and brassy 6 year old female GSP. Olive came from the Colorado-Kansas boarder as an owner surrender with her daughter Charlie and son. Olive does suffer from anxiety (at least with us) and is in need of a new home right away! Olive would be a great running companion or for someone who is very active. Olive has high energy and needs to burn some off! Olive is current on vaccinatons but still needs to be spayed. Olive does need to go to a home with an experienced GSP handler, and as an only dog. Olive isn't very fond of new guests in her home.